Kauai is a volcanic island of Hawaii and is the northernmost and the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. It has an area of about 550 square miles. Kauai is home of Mount Waialeale .Waialeale's 5,243 feet summit is considered the wettest place on Earth. Kauai was the site of the first Hawaiian landing of Captain James Cook in 1778.

Sugar and coffee were major economic factors, but now is mostly tourist trade. The island is very tropical , rich in natural vegetation and has the most beautiful beaches.

Kauai was one of the last Hawaiian Islands to join King Kamehameha rule of Hawaii.  Kauai's ruler, Kaumualii, resisted Kamehameha for years. King Kamehameha twice to take the islands by force and failed both times. Later, Kaumualii, decided to join the kingdom without a fight in 1810 to avoid war.

I always dreamed of visiting the most exotic places in the world . Stories of Shangri-la, pirates, explorers, and lost cities must have intrigued all of us at some time in our lives.

Like most of us, a majority of these places I have never been lucky enough to have actually visited and probably never will. Luckily through modern technology of the internet and shared videos and photographs we can all enjoy fabulous places with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

In our imagination we can explore new worlds, climb mountains and find lost cities and sail the 7 Seas. Down through the ages many civilizations have documented their own lists of Wonders of the World. Here is my personal compilation of places I always dreamed about. I hope you enjoy visiting them here on these sites and return often to the wonders of the world.